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So Nice To Meet You!

From the beautiful Gulf Coast of Florida to the southernmost part of the Appalachian Mountains come the new owners of the Aska Lodge Bed and Breakfast, Steve & Melissa Gray. We would like to say hi and tell you a little about ourselves!

I think it’s only fair to start with the “brains of the operation” my wife Melissa. Melissa is a jack of many trades. There have been very few obstacles put in her way that she has not overcome in her life.

Melissa has held jobs and the appropriate certifications as a Dental Assistant, 911 Operator, Sheriff’s Deputy, Lost and Found Coordinator at the local animal shelter. Melissa has also owned and operated her own business, making and manufacturing her own line of natural, palm oil free soaps and cosmetics.

In her free time, (Yah, I know, I feel like I need a nap just writing this, what free time?!) she has gotten her Private Pilots license and currently is in the process of completing her Bookkeeping certifications along with being a Certified Notary for the State of Florida……. I am exhausted! Oh, did I mention that she also is a registered beekeeper and tends to our bee hives, while responsibly extracting honey to sell and give away to friends and family?

In all seriousness, with all of that, what makes Melissa so special is how much she gives of herself to her family, friends, and anyone new she meets! She is, without a doubt, the most caring, giving, smartest person I have ever meet and for you, our future guest, this is a fantastic thing!  Man, I should have thought this out, I should have introduced myself first! How does the mere mortal follow that act? You don’t and I’ve come to grips with that. My resume’ is not as extensive as Melissa’s. I’ve been very physically active my whole life, playing baseball and excelling in that sport, I was able to achieve a full scholarship to college. After experiencing shoulder issues and having surgery, my baseball career ended abruptly. Just like I’ve mentioned previously, I should have thought things out more and had a “Plan B” for life after baseball, but of course, I did not. So, what does a young man do in that situation, he ends up, over the course of the next 3 years or so, going back to school and attending a plethora of state academies completing certifications as an E.M.T., Lifeguard, State Certifications in Law Enforcement, Corrections and a Fireman. I took the path of a Law Enforcement Officer, working for 2 Sheriff’s Offices and a City Police Department in between those two. I retired a little over 3 years ago from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s after completing over 25 years total. In 2013, I was recognized and honored as Deputy of the Year, which was the “cherry on top” in regard to my career.  Melissa and I look forward to meeting you and hope you give us a try! We were once guest here, staying at the Aska Lodge Bed and Breakfast a couple times a year to recharge from our everyday lives. We hope we can help you with that too! We all need to stop and take a breath every so often and we believe that the Aska Lodge Bed and Breakfast coupled with the Blue Ridge Aska Adventure area is just what the doctor ordered! See you soon!


Steve & Melissa Gray

The Aska Lodge Bed and Breakfast is a quaint & rustic farmhouse style home.

With only 4 guestrooms, we keep things small so we can give you more of our attention.  Our resident hens are sure to put a smile o your face.  We prepare all of our breakfasts fresh in house.  From our Home made whipped cream, to our fresh Jura coffee in the mornings We want you to enjoy your visit.  Please know in advance that  we live on site separate from the guest area with our dogs River and Scout. Due to allergies and sanitation that they are not permitted to visit the guests areas, but you could see us in passing outside on our way to the park exercise them .  Firepit renovations will be taking place in February of this year and photos will be posted.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


 Aska Lodge

178 Calen Drive

Blue Ridge, GA 30513

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